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Arsho - Upcoming Punjabi Movie - Releasing 13 June 2014


Arsho is an upcoming Punjabi film directed by Shapinder Pal Singh , Produced by Dakssh Ajit Singh. The film will be released on 13 June 2014. The Main star cast of the film is Mannat Singh, Dakssh Ajit Singh, Sonia Gill and Shakti Anand.


  • Mannat Singh as Arsh
  • Dakssh Ajit Singh as Deep
  • Sonia Gill as Raavi
  • Shakti Anand as Gammy

  • Supporting Cast

    • Razia Sukhbir
    • Pavel Sandhu
    • Harjeet Bhullar
    • Manish Bisla
    • Magie Mathur
    • Jaswant Jass
    • Gurinder Makna
    • Satwant Ball
    • Komal
    Arsh 'n' Deep are star punjabi duet singers and they both share a great chemistry. But this chemistry means something else to their fans and general public. Media also thinks the same way. Yes, of course Arsho is very comfortable in everything when it comes to deep. But deep on the other hand never took this gossip seriously, coz he feels Arsho can never love someone, But he always respect her as an artist and loves to care for her as a good friend. Arsho is straight forward, flawless, full of confident and this makes her character loveable even more when she say in public...


    This shows the bluntness of ARSHO. She is addicted to drinking at the age of 12 when she witnessed the death of her mother on stage when she was performing with arsho, But in present ARSHO is a stage burner and she rewarded by her fans in such a way that now she has everything in life. Just love is not there...

    Deep always looking for a first sight love which he never felt in Arsho but raavi loves the subtleness in Deep when she met him along with arsho during an interview on the shooting set of Arsh Deep's next music video project. But deep was shocked when Raavi refused his proposal of marriage inspite of that He is a successful singer, yes you are right, Arsho was the reason behind everything.

    When Raavi said I Love You to Deep on the new year’s eve, it meant everything to deep he could not ask for anything better in that moment. Arsho on the other hand is feeling lonely and helpless on the stage when deep suddenly left the show, Drunken Arsho creates a kiosk in public and decides not to sing anymore with Deep.

    Gammy was waiting for this moment for so long, as he is a unsuccessful rich brat who is trying to become superstar of punjabi music industry just like arsh 'n' deep. He always wanted to create a misunderstanding between the leading pair just to crack the ice. And finally, he gets a chance to sing with arsho which also gets wasted by his melody less voice. He finally plans a conspiracy, which leads to pre climax action packed sequence where Gammy shot dead.

    All the major electronic and print media is here as ARSH 'N' DEEP are formally announcing the break up as far their musical career is concern. But everyone gets stunned when Arsho finally decode the conspiracy she planned in the past by saying


    Because at this point of time she actually realized that She will never gonna have love in her life. She was alone she is alone and she will be alone. Coz deep has already planned his future life with raavi in Australia. So.. life can be really hard hitting some times, as it played with ARSHO.. After spending 5 years in the jail and murder conspiracy,


    Arsho Movie Trailer

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